Palo Santo Bundle
Palo Santo Bundle

Palo Santo Bundle

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Sustainably harvested, our Palo Santo sticks have been foraged from the fallen branches of Holy wood, never removing wood from the living tree.
The top layer of the seasoned wood is then whittled, this is the driest part of the wood containing the most potent Palo Santo essential oil. 
Our Palo Santo sticks can be used to cleanse your crystals, banish negative energy or even to nourish your creativity. Add them to our Mio Catchall for the ultimate stylish set up.
  • Sold as a bundle of 5x sticks presented in a fabric gift bag. 
  • 100% Palo Santo 
  • Each stick is approx 10cm long and 2-3cm wide

Please note; This is a natural product so size, shape and colour may vary.