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Representative of melting wax, our high shine chrome plated candleholders Ando will add a cool edge to your coffee or dining table.

Style individually or in pairs. Available to purchase singularly in Short and/or Tall scale. Each piece sold separately. 

  • Chrome Plated Resin 
  • Silver, High Shine 
  • Tall Candleholder H26cm x W13cm base/4.5cm stick. Holds candles 2.4cm in width
  • Short Candleholder H15cm x W14.5cm base/5cm stick. Holds candles 2.4cm in width 
  • Wipe Clean with a dry cloth 


Please note; Never leave burning candles unattended. 
A candle that is left unattended or burning for longer than 2 hours could cause damage to the candleholder and/or surrounding items, this is caused by carbon build up which creates an unstable flame. 
Due to the nature of the plated resin do not allow a candle to burn too low where the flame is touching or is too close to the candleholder, this could result in the high shine plated finish to melt, fade or blacken similarly to what you would come to expect of a glass candleholder.